Thursday, January 3, 2008


Wow - it's now January 3rd, 2008. I opened this blog on August 25, 2007, just to get access to a blogger identity so I could post on another bloggers site. I quickly decided that I too could use the internet to spout a few viewpoints and put some things down on "paper" that I had been meaning to share. However life, work, the Red Sox, and my Little League addiction have consumed my existence since then. I have now resolved that, although I will always have something more important and more pressing to do, I WILL make the time to sit and write.
I will start with myself........tomorrow.
1st story will be - How the HELL does a guy born in Winston-Salem, NC end up a die-hard, love 'em or bite me, there is no other team, Boston Red Sox fan.
Stay tuned

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