Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sox End Road Woes - by Leaving the Road

The Sox ended up their road trip with a dismal 3 - 7 record after dropping the last 2 games against the Evil Empire.
I really felt they would take 3 of those 4 even though they have been a much weaker team it seems every time they leave Fenway Park. So much for my prognostic abilities.
Paps blew the last game at the Toilet Bowl, allowing a damn rookie to get a hit and drive in the winning run in the 10th inning. This after a pretty good showing by Wakefield, who once again got absolutely no run support to speak of. On JoS the joke (although it's not really funny) is that Wake always gets the weak line-up. It's time to rest somebody key every time he pitches, and this time it was Manny. Tito did bring Manny in as a pinch-hitter in the 9th inning, but Manny has never been particularily effective as a PH and this time he sat and watched 3 straight strikes go by. Three straight strikes, and never moved his bat. That's effective! Even worse was Francona's move right before that one. He brought in Varitek to pinch-hit for Lugo with the go-ahead run at 2nd base. Now I love Tek to death, I have a real soft spot for veteran catchers, actually for catchers in general, but Tek has been crapping the bed lately, badly. To put him in that spot if there was ANYONE else sitting over there to try was absolutely nuts. We'd have been better off with Lugo himself.
At least we did win last night on our first night back home. A 1 - 0 victory over the Twins. Once again I missed the game because of Little League. I keep getting home right after the last out is made, and pull up Joy of Sox just in time to catch the end-game comments. Wouldn't you know the only game I get to watch in the last 2 or 3 weeks is the one they lose to the Damn Yankees, of all teams.
Oh well, time for mini hot streak before the All-Star break, and then a smoking second half to catch those pesky DEVIL Rays.


Jere said...

Okay, all August home games now on sale. I'm seeing the 75 dollar Coke seats for a lot of 'em, but I can't get through to it to see available seats. Either they all sold this morning (while I was asleep), or they'll be periodically releasing them over the coming weeks. I think going tonight at midnight may work. But when you're searching, never assume it's sold out. Even if it says the system is busy or there's high transaction volumes, just keep trying over and over.

SoSock said...

Thanks for the reminder.
I haven't thought about our tickets lately and it's getting awful damn close to August. I think we're shooting for the next homestand after the second weekend. Taylor, my son, will be working in the NY area for a while after that weekend and I can just come up and join him and go from there.
Keep up the good work with the pics, by the way. I'm often late getting away to work in the morning just because I get caught up in looking through one of your new picture posts.

Tex said...

howdy. i found your blog perusing jere's blog. another blogger friend of mine red sox dad is listed in my blogroll and he's from north carolina. thought id pass on a fellow southern sox fan to another.

Go SAWX!!!

Jere said...

Hey--plenty of tix to the next set of home games--Mon thru Wed, 7/28-7/30, including sets of four together in that Coke section for Monday nite....

SoSock said...

Jere - thanks for the updates. Keep them coming! I know we won't make that series, it looks it will be the end of August homestand, White Sox/Orioles. I'd rather come up in mid-August for the Tex/Tor games because most of the ML games I've seen have been O's, but Taylor has some scheduling problems there. Still, keep me posted because we may get a short notice opportunity and come up sooner.
Tex - Thanks for stopping by. I'll have to see if I can find out where he's at.
My blog has been on hold for a while due to WAY too much stuff going on in my life at the moment.
Ironically, that's why I started it, just to chat about all that stuff that's going on my life.....oh well.
I will be catching up soon, as LL season is drawing to a close, baseball is approaching crunch time, and the college basketball season is in sight.

Jere said...

Hey I know someone with extras to the September 3rd afternoon game---which, as no one but me seems to have realized, will be the day we break the all-time consecutive sellout streak. I can give you her address if you email me...

ShoreysStories said...

You gotta make a Manny post. Also please feel free to respond to the poll on my site.

Go Red Sox!