Friday, August 1, 2008

Manny Post Coming

Thanks to Shorey for visiting and requesting a Manny post. I've been thinking a lot about a post the last couple of days, and was all set to write all my objections to any trade when it happened. I've been gathering thoughts since, but have got to get my butt to work this morning. I plan to write some this evening. No Little League or anything else, for a change, unless we go to temple, which is doubtful. (More medical issues - I'll cover that too.)

And my Little League team has a dilemma. The season should have ended last Sunday with our sweep in the double-header and we should be District Champions as we speak, but Walkertown is pulling a stunt and it appears we are not going to be hoisting that banner without finishing our game with them that was rained out after 1 inning.

More to come tonight

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